Camino de Santiago Zarautz – Deba

After a good night’s sleep I felt rejuvenated the next morning. Yes, sleep is important and without sleep we have low energy levels, are prone to depression and our bodies and minds just don’t function properly. I LOVE sleeping!

I was being told that breakfast would be served at 9am and so I made my way down to the dining hall where a large group of hungry children had already gathered and were waiting for their teacher’s sign to enter the room. When the teacher finally gave that sign the children just stormed into the room. So it was 100 hungry children, two stressed teachers and me, the lonely pilgrim, having breakfast together.

The weather was just lovely that day. Sunny and around 18C and I was so much looking forward to walking again.

The landscape I passed through that day was just stunning. I think the pictures speak for themselves.

20150317_09561620150317_10123120150317_113600 20150317_114453 20150317_115317 20150317_14084020150317_162029

For lunch I stopped at a beautiful picnic area. It was the perfect place to sit, have food, listen to music and let go of some past experiences. There was no one there and I enjoyed the silence. Solitude can have something wonderfully calming. Obviously it was also a great spot for some Enrique moments – or what can be better than having a little boogie to Bailando in a beautiful spot! 🙂

Again, I was surprised by how uplifting little messages from other people can be. Just when I started feeling really tried (it was a long day of walking) I saw this graffiti and I loved it. Free your mind – isn’t that what is it all about? Get rid of attachments, enjoy the moment, be true to yourself, love yourself and don’t seek validation from any other source but yourself? Could that be part of the key to happiness?


Towards the end of the day I was knackered and I was glad when I finally reached my destination for the day: Deba

In my guidebook there was a note about Deba: all pilgrims have to make their way to the tourist information to get the key to the albergue. Now, after asking a few people where the tourist information was, I did find it – but it was shut. There was another note saying: if the tourist information is shut, all pilgrims should go to the police station to get the key. Alright! Again, I asked a few more people where the police station was. And when I got to the police station it was also shut. There were already 2 other pilgrims (the German guy I shared the room with in Irun and an elderly man from Belgium) waiting. While I had a beer (I NEEDED a beer) the two other guys where waiting and a friendly local, who felt pity for us, finally managed to locate the police officer who then unlocked the door and finally gave us the key. The albergue was in the train station (well, it was a small town, so thankfully there were not too many trains passing through) and we were put in a tiny room with 4 bunk beds (sleeping 8 people). There were already two American girls and hence we were 5 people in this tiny room. Sounds like another sleepiness night? Yes, it does!

20150317_191521 I had dinner in a little restaurant on the beach. By that time my calf muscles were really sore. That was actually the best way how to spot fellow pilgrims. After a break or especially in the morning they were not walking but rather hobbling off.

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