Hi! And welcome!

As this page is called About I guess I should tell you a few things about me and the idea behind this blog.

My parents gave me the name Verena and I was being brought up in a place that is nowadays known as Germany.

After a rather happy childhood and rather horrible teenage years, I went on my first big trip at the tender age of 19. One year in Australia. Was it all happy? Definitely not. The first couple of weeks I was busy thinking about strategies of how to get back home the quickest way possible without confirming my brother’s prediction that I would be back within a few weeks. But hey, I saw it through – and before too long I felt so comfortable that I did not want to return back home.

And that was the start of something new – and maybe even the foundation for this blog.

A lot of trips followed – so did a lot of ups and downs in life.

In 2015 while sitting comfortably on the couch and planning a little hiking tour in Spain something crossed my mind. I had experienced so much, went through many ups and downs and learnt a lot along the way. But even more so: I had forgotten a lot! A thought arose. Wouldn’t it be great to somehow capture some of my experiences. And wouldn’t it be nice to share some of these with a wider audience? Because, hey, maybe there are some people out there who have similar ideas, similar thoughts, are looking for some information/or even inspiration or are just seeking some easy entertainment while stuck behind their office desk? Even if this blog seemed boring and unnecessary to 99,9% of all people, could it still somehow benefit 0,01%? And that was the beginning of this blog.

A few words on my objectives.

  • I will try to be authentic – because I find authentic stories are the best stories. Still, I might fail at times-  after all, the ego is quite powerful.
  •  I want to have fun while writing my blog. So you might experience my sort of humour in one way or another and see the results of my creativity.
  • I will try to provide a cross between my own experiences and some background knowledge (like historical facts, politics or whatever I find relevant to share). Quite obviously this is still all very subjective – but I will try to make it a bit more objective by blending in some other people’s subjective views and opinions.
  • I will write this blog in English. And yes, English is not my mother tongue. Some expressions might not be quite accurate or sound somehow funny. There will be errors and I hate commas. There are two reasons for this decision: I like a good challenge and I can reach a far wider audience when I write in English.

And one more thing you might ask yourself. Why did you call your blog “Happy Nomad”, Verena? Does this means you live a nomadic life and are always happy? The answer clearly is: No (although I secretly wish it was true). I am still struggling to find the right balance for me in life, between freedom and feeling rooted. I am neither ‘nomadic’ nor completely settled. I am experimenting, that is what I do. And no, I am not always happy. Sometimes my lifestyle scares the hell out of me. Sometimes I long for a stable environment. And sometimes, yes, I am extremely happy. To keep it short: I chose this title because a rather ‘nomadic life’, whether this expression refers to my whereabouts or my inner state does give me more happiness than a completely rooted life. But hey, in the end it is about finding the right balance for yourself alone.


This will not be a story about perfection. Maybe it will be a story about growth.

But let it be a story about passion. Let it be a story about fear. Let it be a story about love.  And damn it, let us share a good laugh too.


Love to hear about your journey, your stories, your views in the comments or via email 🙂

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