Camino Frances 2017: Preparations

What are the advantages of the Camino Frances over other Caminos? And why can it be beneficial to walk the Camino solo? Is it good to prepare for the Camino? These are some of the questions I explored a little in this blog post.

Camino Frances 2017: 1. History and modern times

We live in a time where globalisation, automatisation, acceleration dictate the markets, where people are under enormous pressure to perform, where human relationships are often rather superficial and fleeting, where there are happiness pills to make people more efficient and at the same time make them feel happy, regardless of whether body, spirit and soul... Continue Reading →

Camino de Santiago Zarautz – Deba

After a good night's sleep I felt rejuvenated the next morning. Yes, sleep is important and without sleep we have low energy levels, are prone to depression and our bodies and minds just don't function properly. I LOVE sleeping! I was being told that breakfast would be served at 9am and so I made my... Continue Reading →

Bilbao – Irun

And then I finally boarded the plane which brought me from Frankfurt to Munich (where I had just enough time for a beer) and then onto Bilbao. I arrived quite late and was immediately confronted with the language barrier which would challenge me again and again over the coming week. I managed to locate the bus which... Continue Reading →

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